for artists, writers, philosophers, scientists working in the field of art & ecology

Also open to students in masters and PhD-trajectories

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September 2023

Foundation Platform DIS is situated in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Platform DIS focuses on ecological inquiry through the arts and with scientists, artists and practitioners.

Three fields to apply for
I. Bodemleven [Soil Life]
The team of regenerative farm Bodemzicht are climate farmers for life, both their whole life as well as protecting all forms of life. They facilitate life, restore ecosystems and build communities on the basis of reciprocal, interspecies relations – with tasty and nutricious food as a byproduct. Additionally, Bodemzicht Foundation focuses on the broader transistion to a regenerative (agri)culture. Together with Bodemzicht Foundation we developed the programme Bodemleven, which will continue through 2026 at least. Our main questions is: How can polyphonic artistic research generate new insights into soil quality and health?

II. Verstrengeld [Entangled]
Verstrengeld emerges from the idea to think and feel with seaweeds. Starting from the beautiful publication Seaweed by artist-writer Miek Zwamborn we gathered a team of seaweed enthusiasts from sciences, arts and practice with whom we dive in the tidal zone.

III. Your own idea
Platform DIS tries to think-feel via the self as a holobiont, an assemblage, a process. How does the rhythm of different environments intermingle with such a self. How can we recoginize our interaction with the environment in for example soil life and its amphibians, or in clouds or chemicals, only if we were to perceive more accurately. We are interested in feel-think-makers whose work inquires these and neighboring questions.

Modus / Mind set
Open structure and process driven
Long-term research, meaning you’re studying the topic for a few years
Transdisciplinary thinking
In some way independent

We offer a network of scientist, can co-create activities for local organizations, help you with discovering the landscape and some local cafés. The residency is not a studio, but a place to stay overnight. You can apply solo, or as a team of maximum three people. We unfortunately can’t offer an exhibition space but we’ll provide you with contacts from our network, and give you support.

When to apply?
You can always submit a request.

You can stay one or two weeks or twice a week with some time in between. Please let us know in which season you would like to attend.

How to submit your work / idea
Please share one pdf, including cv/bio, work, draft/idea with motivation (why would your project be great for our platform, and how will it contribute to our artistic and scientific research?), and when possible a reference to a website.
Please keep your file size small or use transfer-programs above 0,5 mb.

1. Bodemleven
Bodemzicht Foundation and Platform DIS will review your application.

2. Verstrengeld [Entangled]
A member of the Verstrengeld-team and Platform DIS will review your application.

3. Your own process-project proposal
Platform DIS will review your application. * You can also apply with a small team.

We might address additional questions but will always write down our motivation.
We will communicate the outcome no later than a month after your submission.

Sharing conclusions
We ask you to share some of your work – in any form – with us in a way that suits your residency. For example, a small publication on the website, in print, participation in a public event, a coffee meeting, a walk.

Platform DIS is developing a new residency space which we hope to open in 2024. Meanwhile Artspace Extrapool (Nijmegen, Netherlands) gives us the amazing opportunity to rent rooms. We will not add an extra amount on top of the lease.

Extrapool is situated in the city Centre of Nijmegen and has a sister organization: the world famous Knust risograph. The location is only a 20 min. cycle to Bodemzicht Farm and you can roll downhill to the Ooijpolder en Stuwwal (Moraine).

You will have your own room, with kitchen and shower. There are other people living in Extrapool, so please respect their privacy.

We provide a room and a network but cannot afford a fee. So, when interested you’ll need to find funding or find other ways to finance your stay. We can’t afford to pay your trip and have only a small material budget. The room costs around 30 euro’s a night, so 210 euro’s for a week.

Dutch or English

Guestrooms of Extrapool are on the second and third floor (in between the living apartments of the five tenants). There is no lift so unfortunately, they are not accessible for people in wheelchairs. No pets are allowed.